West Papua Provincial Government Has Difficulty Monitoring the Forest

The West Papua Provincial Government is currently having difficulties in monitoring the forestry sector in the area.

The head of the West Papua Province Forestry Service, Hendrik Runaweri in Manokwari, Friday, said there were still cases of violations in the sector’s power sector. This happened because it was still a weakness point of the government regarding supervision.

“Affairs in the forestry sector have been handed over to the province. On the other hand, the number of our technical supervisors is lacking,” Hendrik said.

The capture of timber that occurred in Surabaya and Makassar in December and January was assessed as a sign that supervision in this area is still weak. This should be a concern for both the central and regional governments.

In the past, said Hendrik, the local government had a technical supervisory team. At that time they routinely supervised the company related to timber production and shipping destinations.

“Through their role, we can know where and where wood comes from. Now it can’t, because it has been eliminated by the ministry,” Hendrik said again.

Currently, said Runaweri, the Ministry implements an online system in verifying timber. This system is considered ineffective because entrepreneurs can easily manipulate data.

“Because we don’t see the physical. For example, in documents written in logs, while those that are sent are processed or vice versa,” he said.

Downsizing of forestry institutions in the regions that submit all matters to the provinces, are considered as the main factors in the weakness of supervision in districts / cities. Forestry police personnel in the area were still very minimal.

West Papua at least still needs a minimum of 200 police personnel to meet monitoring needs. In addition, the Forestry Service up to now does not have civil servant investigators (PPNS).

“But for this year we have allocated a budget and some of our PPNS are ready to be installed. Hopefully the supervision and law enforcement in 2019 can be better,” he concluded.

Source: antaranews.com

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