The Governor Wants All Residents of West Papua to Have JKN

The Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan wants all residents in the area to have a National Health Insurance (JKN).

“At present 96.27 percent of West Papuans are registered as JKN participants. So there are still 3.23 percent left, we have to find a solution,” said the Governor in Manokwari on Friday.

He is also committed to finding the best solution so that all indigenous Papuans in this area receive free health insurance. For him this was his commitment as head of the region.

Assuming that the population of West Papua is based on the Population Office’s funding of 1.3 million people, said Mandacan, then there are around 49.5 thousand people who have to get JKN.

He believes, the regional government is able to bear it through the Regional Budget (APBD). To cover contributions for 49.5 thousand people who do not have JKN, they need a budget of around Rp. 1.6 billion.

“For this year’s collaboration we have signed with the BPJS Health. The rest that we have not yet will we find a solution as soon as possible,” Mandacan said again.

Head of Manokwari BPJS Health Office, Meryta Rondonuwu, in a separate interview said that currently there are as many as 1,278,000 West Papuans registered as JKN participants through BPJS Kesehatan.

“This includes all districts and cities financed by the central government through the KIS program, participation borne by the regional government, independent participants,” he said.

He hopes, JKN participation in this area can reach 100 percent of the total population. Thus the whole community no longer needs to think about costs when needing health services.


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