February 10, 2019

Evidence Supporting West Papua Development, KPK Acts 8 Corruption Cases

  The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) supports development in Papua and West Papua.┬áThe form is to take action against parties suspected of being involved in corruption so that the budget disbursed after the plan and the results of development can be felt, especially by the Papuan people. “Corruption will be detrimental to the community, resulting in the community being unable to make maximum use of the budget allocated to the

KPU Biak Invited the Press to Guard the Peaceful Election

Biak Numfor Regency General Election Commission (KPU), Papua Province, invited press people in Biak to oversee the voting process of the April 17 2019 simultaneous election which was democratic, peaceful, safe and with integrity. “Print and electronic media reporters through their information offerings have a major contribution in supporting the implementation of peaceful elections,” said KPU Chair Biak Jackson S. Maryen in Biak, Saturday, responding to the National Press Day

West Papua Provincial Government Has Difficulty Monitoring the Forest

The West Papua Provincial Government is currently having difficulties in monitoring the forestry sector in the area. The head of the West Papua Province Forestry Service, Hendrik Runaweri in Manokwari, Friday, said there were still cases of violations in the sector’s power sector. This happened because it was still a weakness point of the government regarding supervision. “Affairs in the forestry sector have been handed over to the province. On