Government Promises to Build Mining Downstream Industry in West Papua

Pemerintah Janji Bangun Industri Hilir Tambang di Papua

Industry enterpriser Airlangga Hartarto claimed he would try to encourage the development of mining product derivative industries in West Papua. According to him, the most appropriate area to be built is a special industrial area for Timika.

“Of course, in West Papua, which will be developed based on ‘resources’. For example, if there is a cement factory in West Papua, if we base copper (copper) here, we will consider the derivatives,” he said in Jayapura, as quoted by Antara. , Friday (8/2).

Regarding the request of several parties for the establishment of Special Industrial Zones in West  Papua, he considered that this could be realized in Timika, Mimika Regency, because it was considered the most appropriate area to be used as an industrial area.

“One of the industrial areas will be in Timika, we will see the derivatives,” he said.

He sees the most appropriate scheme to build industry in West Papua is to encourage the entry of investors, both from within and outside the country.

Airlangga also does not rule out the possibility that the government will encourage the formation of production sector industries, such as coffee, sago, and red fruit. However, he could not ensure the timing of the implementation of the effort would begin.

“We will push one of them later, for example coffee because of its potential, so if there were sago in the past there were several sago factories that were not operating optimally but later we will see them one by one,” he said.

Previously, the Papua Central Statistics Agency (BPS) revealed that in 2018 the West Papuan economy grew by 7.33 percent, an increase compared to the previous year which only grew 4.64 percent. This growth was driven by all business fields.

The highest growth was achieved by the mining and quarrying business at 10.52 percent, supported by high metal ore production.

Other business fields that drive Papua’s economic growth include transportation and warehousing businesses that grow 8.16 percent.


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