Cool, Jayapura Business Actors Refuse Use of Plastic Bags

Business operators in the city of Jayapura, Papua Province, began implementing Jayapura City Mayor Benhur Tomi Mano’s instructions not to use plastic bags as shopping bags for buyers.

One place of business, “Toko Wallesi” in Abepura, on Saturday, was seen not using a plastic bag.

Wallesi’s shop put a paper on the cashier saying “I’m sorry we don’t provide a crackle bag. Notice as of 1 February 2019 no bag / crackle”.

The shopkeepers ask every buyer who enters shop whether or not to bring a plastic bag from home.

Buyers who do not carry bags from home but shop a lot, the shop clerk puts the groceries into a carton.

However, buyers who only buy goods that are not too much are asked to hold them in hand, who use a motorbike are advised to put groceries in the motorcycle seat.

“Sorry we did not provide plastic bags to fill buyers’ groceries,” said Nunung, one of the Walessi shopkeepers.

Nunung asked the buyers to bring alternative bags of plastic bags from their homes before going to shopping.

According to him, it only follows the rules issued by the Mayor of Jayapura.

“We only follow the rules from the Mayor of Jayapura that starting February 1, business people in all business places no longer provide bags for buyers,” he said.

Starting February 1, 2019 businesses in the city of Jayapura are prohibited from using or providing plastic bags in their place of business, such as in shopping centers, hospitals or restaurants.

Prohibition of using plastic bags based on the instructions of Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tomi Mano Number 1 Year 2019 regarding the application of alternative shopping bags to replace plastic bags in Jayapura City.

Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tomi Mano, asked his citizens to bring native West Papuan nok-bags if they wanted to shop.

“Residents can also bring baskets or other shopping bags that are not made of plastic if they want to shop,” Benhur said.


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