HPI of West Papua Cleans Peter Kafiar Tourism Beach

The Association of Indonesian Guides (HPI) of West Papua Province held a social service activity which was to clean the tourist beach of Petrus Kafiar, Amban Village, Manokwari Regency on Friday.

Chairperson of West Papua HPI Matias Rumbruren said that the social service activities to clean the tourist beach involved students caring for tourism and local pokdarwis.

He explained, the purpose of these social activities is to keep clean and comfortable petrus beach destinations for tourists who visit because the beach is a famous tourist beach in Manokwari.

In addition, he said, every February 5 Christians throughout West Papua celebrate the missionary day centered on Manokwari. People from all regions of Papua will surely visit Manokwari to celebrate the ecclesiastical holiday.

Therefore, the HPI together with students caring for tourism and local pokdarwis cleaned the beach of Petrus Kafiar so that if there were visitors who were comfortable.

According to him, tourism organizations such as HPI must play a role in developing existing tourism potential while continuing to empower local communities to obtain economic benefits directly from the tourism sector.

HPI will continue to carry out activities that empower communities, especially Pokdarwis, so that there is an economic improvement for a more decent life. “So that people will care about preserving the beautiful nature of God’s creation for their lives,” he said.

Source: antaranews.com

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