Governor: Use of Special Autonomy Funds Must Have Signs and Transparency



Since the Special Autonomy Fund (Otsus) was disbursed in 2001 to West Papua. The Indonesian Financial Audit Agency (BPK) has examined the management of these funds from 2002 to 2008.

In Papua Province, inspections have been carried out 5 times, while in West Papua Province there are two checks. This was conveyed by the Chairperson of the Group Discession (FGD) Focus Committee for the Implementation of the Special Autonomy Fund in Papua and West Papua in 2018, Dori Santosa at the opening of the event at Swiss Belhotel, Sorong, Thursday (31/1).

Santosa said, 5 examinations in the Papua province resulted in an Examination Report (LHP) which made 95 examination findings with 217 recommendations. Where in general 95 of the findings make the substance of them, regulations regarding the implementation of Otsus management guidelines are not sufficient, and the distribution of funds is not in accordance with the provisions, such as being late and not in accordance with the percentage.

Then, he continued, the percentage of the use of funds not in accordance with the provisions such as the use of funds is not in accordance with the plan, and deviations that have an impact on overpayment, and are implicit in monitoring and evaluation that have not been done adequately. Then the work results have not been utilized adequately, especially for infrastructure advice, both terminals, roads, polyclinites and others.

For the management of the Special Autonomy Fund in West Papua, continued Santosa, the BPK has conducted inspections in 2010 and 2011. From the two examinations it produced an LHP containing 50 findings with 128 recommendations. According to him, the 50 findings contained substances that were relatively the same as the problems that occurred in the Papua Province.

He said, based on the percentage data of follow-up recommendations until 2018, the Papua Provincial Government had completed 188 out of 217 recommendations. Meanwhile, the West Papua Provincial Government has completed 85 recommendations from 125 recommendations.

The review day for the implementation of the follow-up, said Santosa, the remaining recommendations that have not been resolved include, complete regulations regarding guidelines for the implementation of Otsus fund management, as well as improving the implementation of monitoring and evaluation.

“This condition will have an impact on efforts to achieve priority targets for the implementation of special autonomy that are less targeted starting from the planning, implementation, to monitoring programs and activities and cannot be adequately evaluated as one of the basic considerations for improving management in the next period,” Santosa explained.

He added, the implementation of the follow-up of the BPK LHP was one form of responsibility of the regional government to achieve the objectives of the special autonomy implementation in reducing the gap between the Papua Province and West Papua with other Provinces. Then, he continued, improving the standard of living of the people of the provinces of Papua and West Papua as well as providing opportunities for indigenous West Papuans.

He said, state auditor VI in 2019 planned to conduct an examination of the implementation of Otsus in Papua and West Papua in order to provide an overview and evaluation of the management process and the implementation of Otsus in supporting the achievement of priority goals and objectives of special autonomy in Papua and West Papua.

Responding to the implementation of the FGD on the Implementation of Otsus in Papua and West Papua, the Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan said that the FGD provided signs so that the use and management of Otsus funds could be carried out transparently and effectively for the people’s welfare.

Then, continued Mandacan, from this FGD the Republic of Indonesia BPK representatives from West Papua requested advice and opinions not only from the regional government but from various stakeholders in the Papua and West Papua regions regarding the implementation of the Special Autonomy so far.

“Because there are people who say Otsus is successful but there are also those who say Otsus is unsuccessful, do not feel it and on this occasion we provide information to them in order to collect data for further examination,” Mandacan told reporters on the sidelines of the FGD yesterday.


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