The Issue of Customary Rights, the Construction of a Statue of Jesus in West Papua was Stopped

The Papua Provincial Government through the Office of Public Works and Spatial Planning finally stopped the construction of a new tourism icon project, the 33.3 meter tall statue of Jesus at Base-G Beach, North Jayapura District, Jayapura City.

Head of the Papua Province Public Works and Spatial Planning Office, Girius One Yoman, said that the termination of the project which stood on the two-hectare land was due to the problem of customary rights that had not been completed.

“It is not the government’s fault, but there are always barriers so we decided to stop and it seems (the sculpture icon) cannot participate in enlivening the XX PON in 2020 in Papua as one of the tourist attractions,” he said in Jayapura on Saturday (1/12).

According to Girius, the local government is committed to building. But the problem arose in the people who claimed mutual customary rights in the area. “The problem of land acquisition at the location of the construction of the Jesus statue has been paid to the owners of customary rights, however, there are still other parties who complain,” he said.

He explained, initially the tourism icon of the Jesus Statue would be built as a tourist spot for the XX PON contingent, so that it could increase Regional Original Income (PAD). “The land acquisition budget will no longer be budgeted in 2019 so that the construction project will finally be stopped,” he said.

The plan for this Jesus Sculpture material will be ordered from outside Papua. Department of Public Works has conducted a study of all the Jesus Statue in the world, such as in Brazil, Timor Leste and Spain.

If the construction of this area is complete, it is hoped that there will be a courtyard that will be used as a place for the Revival Meeting. The tourists can come to Base-G Beach, as well as a spiritual tour.


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