West Papua Regional Police Chief: The Church has A Stake in Safeguarding Elections

West Papua Regional Police Chief, Brigadier General Rudolf Alberth Rodja stated that the church has a significant contribution in maintaining the security situation ahead of the 2019 general election.

“The election will only count the days. The church also has an important role in the successful implementation of the general election democratic party on the 17th Aptil in 2019,” the police chief said at the Christmas celebration at the Mapolda Oikumene Church on Thursday.

The West Papua Regional Police, Rodja said, opened up space for church congregations and the general public to express criticism and input. Things that are lacking in the ranks are ready to be repaired.

As a law enforcement officer, the Chief of Police continued, he and all personnel were neutral. Every police officer must maintain neutrality in the celebration of democracy.

According to him, the interests of the Indonesian National Police in carrying out democratic parties are the realization of the implementation of the election which is safe, peaceful and smooth, there is no riot, so the community and government can continue to operate smoothly.

The Chairperson of the West Papua Province Religious Communication Forum (FKUB), Rev. Zadrak Simbiak invited all religious people to always take care of togetherness in the 2019 general election democratic party.

According to Zadrak, every religion teaches kindness and mutual respect among others. Elections must be accompanied by good attitudes and ethics from all parties.

“We all want West Papua to be peaceful, there is no conflict whatsoever, including in the implementation of the 2019 Election. Let us protect this Papuan land,” he said.

During this time, continued the Pastor, the harmony between religious people in West Papua has been well established. The situation must be maintained, including the momentum for the election of legislative candidates (candidates) and presidential elections (Pilpres).

“West Papua must be free from hoaxes. The public should not be provoked by false news. Verify before the truth is clear, do not participate in spreading,” he said.

Source: antaranews.com

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