Gojek Expansion to Jayapura City

Gojek online motorcycle taxi services are now officially operating at Jota Jayapura. Mayor of Jayapura Dr. Drs. Benhur Tomi Mano, MM inaugurated the GOJEK Service Launch in Jayapura with the beating of Tifa along with VP of Eastern Indonesia Regional Gojek, Anandita Danaatmadja and City Head Jayapura Irto Sarungu at the Jayapura City Mayor’s Office on Thursday (01/10/2019).

The launch event was also attended by Jayapura City Police Chief AKBP Gustav Robby Urbinas SH and SKPD ranks Jayapura City Government.

“I hope the surrounding community can support the presence of Gojek in Jayapura in order to improve the standard of living of informal sector workers and empowerment of MSMEs. For people who still rely on livelihoods at base ojek, I invite you to join GOJEK and avoid roadblocks,” said the Mayor Jayapura Dr. Drs. Benhur Tomi Mano, MM.

GOJEK Regional VP of Eastern Indonesia, Anandita Danaatmadja said, Gojek brought the mission to provide the widest possible social benefits to millions of Indonesians. With expanded operations, we expect more MSMEs and micro entrepreneurs such as driver partners in Jayapura to be able to feel the benefits of technology, especially in helping the regional economy.

The entry of Gojek in the city of Jayapura is in line with the policies of the Central Government in development

infrastructure in Eastern Indonesia.

The services provided by Gojek for the people of Jayapura, namely the delivery of passengers (Go-Ride),

food delivery (Go-Food) and goods delivery (Go-Send), as well as non-cash payments


At this event Gojek and Jayapura City Police signed the MoU on the use of Noken applications for GOJEK driver partners.

The Noken application which was launched in April 2017 is an application that helps the Jayapura community to monitor and report in their environmental conditions. This application is also available panic button that can be pressed during an emergency.

In this application there are various facilities in the form of location of police stations, officers on duty and public complaints in real time. With this Noken application, the driver partner

and passengers are given peace of operation.

“I am optimistic that this is a good opportunity for the community, because the entry of Gojek in Jayapura can

provide certainty in providing employment, “said Jayapura City Police Chief AKBP Gustav Robby Urbinas SH, S.I.K.

Source: tribunnews.com

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