2019 Election, West Papua is Guaranteed Conducive

Ahead of the implementation of the election of the President, DPR, DPRD and DPD, the West Papua region must remain safe and conducive. It was said by the Governor of West Papua Dominggus Mandacan, a five-yearly democratic party / general election is a form of democracy in Indonesia so that every citizen registered as a permanent voter is a citizen who has the right to make choices without intervention.

“The main thing is security. When it is safe, the people will make their choices peacefully according to their conscience without coercion. This condition is the hope of the West Papua government,” Mandacan said in Manokwari recently.

April 17, 2019, said Mandacan, there are only two months left so that all parties, be they Organizers, legislative election contestants at the central, provincial and district / city levels must be together with the people to ensure joint security before, during voting and after voting until determination.

“As the head of the region, I urge that all parties involved in the 2019 elections, especially in West Papua, be able to guarantee security in their respective regions. Not easily provoked by various useless information. The people must be smart in sorting out the right and incorrect information. , “He said.

Mandacan also advised all people to master science and technology (science and technology) not the other way around. Because today there is a lot of news on social media and internet-based that can divide unity and unity.

“It is true that the progress of science and technology in the current era of digitalization is undeniable and this is proof of the progress of the nation. It’s just returning to the person (user / user) as a human being who is mindful and given the knowledge and wisdom of God can certainly sort information to be conveyed to “Many people (the public) especially concern ethnicity, race and religion (SARA) that have the potential to create conflict,” Mandacan said.

Mandacan further emphasized that even though nationally, West Papua was categorized as a one-prone area in the 2019 election, but regionally it guaranteed security during the election process.

“The national electoral vulnerability scheme, West Papua is categorized as prone to one. But I invite all West Papuans to let us reverse the scheme that West Papua is a safe area in the upcoming elections,” he said.

Separately, Chairman of the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) of West Papua, Marleni Momot who was confirmed by Jubi about supervision of the stages of the election especially for legislative candidates (candidates) in the West Papua region who recently used social media and online media as a means of attracting constituents but does not consider the impact on the information submitted, does not respond, until this news is broadcast (*)

Source: tabloidjubi

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