West Papua’s Efforts to Fight the Circulation of Alcohol

Papua and West Papua have long been known to contribute high numbers of cases of deaths caused by alcoholic beverages. This is what makes all elements agree to protect the generation of Papua by issuing various rules prohibiting the circulation of alcohol.

West Papua Regional Police Chief Brig. Gen. Rudolf Albert Rodja said, the findings of the team in the field showed that alcohol circulating in Manokwari was not only from outside alcohol but also a lot of local alcohol produced from refineries which also mushroomed.

“Do not think that only alcoholic drinks are labeled, there are also local alcoholic drinks that we found from search results,” said the police chief.

If seen from the results of analysis and evaluation of the Kamtibmas of the West Papua Regional Police, it is known that in 2018 the number of crimes in West Papua was 3,603 cases.

In it, there were 91 cases of domestic violence (domestic violence) which after being analyzed was one of the triggers because the perpetrators were drunk due to alcohol.

Commitment to eradicating alcoholic drinks was also echoed by the XVIII Commander of the Kasuari, Maj. Gen. Military, Joppie O.Wapai. He said, one of the concrete steps taken by the collaboration between the Kasuari Kodam intelligence detachment and the police was to intensively raid the smuggling of alcoholic drinks to Manokwari. Wayapai also does not hesitate to take firm action against Military soldiers who are known to be involved in the smuggling of alcohol in any form.

“We from the Military continue to synergize with the ranks of the West Papua Regional Police in the fight against alcoholic beverages. I will also take firm action if there are individuals in the ranks of the Kasuari Regional Military Command who are intentionally involved in smuggling alcoholic drinks to Manokwari. and accompanied by evidence,” said Wayapai.

On the other hand, the Regional Government also plays a role in the formation of regulations. West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan is committed to eradicating alcohol in Manokwari by involving the Police and TNI in West Papua. He also continued to remind residents and ASN devices in each activity to jointly stop the circulation of alcohol.

“So far, we continue to coordinate to eradicate alcoholic drinks, and there is a result that at every moment there is destruction. I hope this can be improved, because that is the government’s hope,” he said recently.

The decisive step was shown by the Manokwari District Head, Demas Paulus Mandacan. He threatened to expel entrepreneurs who were found running a business of smuggling alcohol from Papua. This controversial action invited many comments from the public. But the Regent claimed he did not care as long as these actions were carried out for the good of the young generation of Papua.

“These are strict sanctions, which ultimately must be given as a deterrent effect on alcoholic suppliers in Manokwari. Because the person named Tonni has done the same thing twice,” Demas said when confirmed by the Jubi recently.

The steps to eradicate alcohol in Papua also received full support from the Communion of Papuan Churches. Chairperson of West Papua Province PGGP, Rev. Sherli Parinussa said, Regional Regulations that have been issued by the Regional Government are things that should be supported. Local regulations that derive from the aspirations of the people must be upheld for the common good.

“Perda Miras and Perda Daerah Injil are initiatives from the community represented by all elements of society including religious and female leaders who are truly concerned about the condition of Manokwari. Even the steps to produce the two Perda are not easy, but through a long legislative process. a fact that people really care about, “Sheri told Jubi in Manokwari recently

According to him, the Church itself has never been out of hand to continue the war on alcoholic drinks in Manokwari. In every church activity, said Sherli, often the pastors voiced the danger of alcohol and the importance of the community participating in fighting alcohol from the generation of West  Papuan gold.

“For me, alcohol has become an extraordinary crime in Manokwari. Now, there is only the willingness and firmness of the Government in implementing the existing Regional Regulation. I also hope that the authorities can be firm in taking action against the circulation of alcoholic drinks in Manokwari,” he said.

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