Local Revenue Realization of West Papua in 2018 Reaches 110 percent

The realization of local revenue (PAD) of West Papua Province in 2018 exceeded the target of up to 110 percent.

“In the RPJMD (Regional Medium Term Development Plan) our revenue is targeted to increase by 10 percent. In 2018 we have managed to fulfill that, hopefully this year too, “said Head of the West Papua Provincial Revenue Agency, Charles Hutauruk in Manokwari, Thursday (01/10/2019).

Of the various taxes and levies in West Papua, Charles said, the highest realization occurred in the fuel tax which increased by 20 percent in 2018. Meanwhile, revenue from the transfer fee for motor vehicle names was stagnant.

Besides fuel, Charles continued, the items that also experienced an increase were motor vehicle tax (PKB). The realization of PKB in the area increased by around 10 percent compared to 2017.

Regarding the impact of the development of the tourism sector on the income of West Papua Province, he said that those who receive a direct impact on the presence of tourists are the districts / cities they visit. The income received by the provincial government in this sector is in the form of profit sharing funds that are disbursed by the center for tourist visits.

“Local Revenue is a closed list, meaning that the items contributing to regional income have been determined according to the rules. For tourism, we will receive other effects, namely profit sharing on income obtained by the central government from the sector, “he said.

Charles said, at this time his party was trying to increase revenue through other potentials. Regulations are being formulated to ensure the legality of the activities to be carried out.

“There is still a lot of potential that can be used to increase regional income. We are pushing it, our source of income can be driven again, “he concluded.

Source: cendananews.com

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