Have 2 Caravan Plane, Puncak Papua Regency Government Wants to Chase Development

The Puncak Regency Government, West Papua, now has two units of the Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft, to serve transportation for people in the region.

Although in 2016, one sophisticated aircraft type Carebouw, which was recently purchased by the Puncak Regency Government, had an accident, so that all pilots and passengers were reportedly killed, not making the government’s desire to slack in providing facilities to its people.

It is known, the liaison between neighboring districts besides Puncak Jaya Regency, people must use air transportation, including the supply of foodstuffs must be sent by plane because road access has not been connected to other areas.

So, people in Puncak really need special and inexpensive flight services.

Puncak Regent Willem Wandik said that the arrival of two Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft purchased from America had become a new spirit, as well as the trauma eradication they had experienced after the Carebouw plane crash in 2016.

“These two aircraft units are the result of insurance from the Carebouw aircraft which in 2016 had an accident. Furthermore, the two planes will be managed by the company’s Peak Regional Enterprise (BUMD),” Willem said, when interviewed by Kompas.com, in Jayapura City on Thursday night (10/01/2019).

Willem Wandik said, these two planes will serve air transportation for the people in Puncak, because the only transportation to Puncak, for the short term at this time, only uses airplanes.

This condition certainly affects the height of goods and services, so that development is somewhat hampered.

“I am grateful to the Minister of Transportation for giving us permission, because we have missed the procurement of aircraft at Puncak, frankly I am happy to be with the Puncak community, because after the Carebouw plane crashed, it turned out he was not dead, but he got up and two aircraft there can be, to serve the Peak community again,” he said.

Willem Wandik disclosed that up to 60 percent of the regional government budget had been spent only for air transportation, so that it hampered development in his area.

“Just imagine. If we want to build a bridge. Absorption of the budget can be greater for transportation services than the cost of construction. Likewise, if I am on a work visit, to use a chartered plane must pay Rp 30 million per flight. Not to mention the high cost of basic commodities, because the transportation costs are high,” he said.

Through these two aircraft units, Willem Wandik will provide subsidies for the community, so that ticket prices can be reduced to Rp. 300,000 per person.

“Yes, we will subsidize the community. If not, the ticket price for Mimika Regency can reach Rp 2 million or Rp 3 million,” he said.

Not only that, Willem Wandik hopes that the company that manages this aircraft can have an impact on the opinion of the Puncak Regency region.

“So far, to run the government, we always get supplies from the central government. There is no local revenue (PAD) there. Through this plane, we believe we can produce PAD,” he said.

Willem Wandik does not want the government to be considered as competing with private airlines, but this is only part of the government’s solution to increase development in Puncak Regency.

“We hope other flights will continue to fly to Puncak. So that more and more planes are flying, can reduce the cost of numbers and also help catch up in terms of development far away from other regions,” he said.

He hopes that the Ministry of Transportation will continue to guide them in operating this aircraft.

“This aircraft is bought using state money, so it is recorded as a state asset. So, we ask for guidance from the central government, the Ministry of Transportation,” he said.

Source: kompas.com

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