Additional Infrastructure Funds Will also be Used for Non-transportation


The Papua Provincial Government will use additional infrastructure funds for non-transportation. This year Papua gets the funds. The amount is Rp. 2.8 Trillion more.

The Head of the Papua Regional Development Planning Agency, Muhammad Musa’ad, said that the plan to use the funds had already been discussed earlier at the echelon I level of the Coordinating Minister for PMK, and had been agreed to be used for non-transportation.

“Papua needs non-transportation infrastructure, electricity, clean water, telecommunications, and social infrastructure in which there is education, sports and others,” Musa’ad told reporters in Jayapura on Friday (1/11/2019).

The use of this fund will also be regulated in Perdasus number 25 of 2013 concerning the distribution of supervision and use of Otsus funds. Thus adding infrastructure needs is expanded so that not only transportation infrastructure (roads and bridges).

“2017 we have also used to build electricity, clean water and telecommunications. Whereas in 2018 it is used for PON, including the construction of sports facilities and infrastructure,” he said.

Regarding support for PON, explained Musa’ad, his party had discussed with Bappenas and in the Perdasus there would also be mentioned 60 percent for transportation infrastructure, while 40 percent were non-transportation in which there were sports.

“This is done so that there is a legal basis that can be used in addition to transportation infrastructure. At least 2018, 2019 and 2020 we use for PON, if this event has been completed, it will be transferred to another field,” he said.

Chairman of the Papuan House of Representatives, Yunus Wonda said, even though his side hopes that the Papua Regional Budget (APBD) of the 2019 Budget Year will focus on the readiness of the XX PON, 2020 in Papua. But that does not mean other sectors that are in direct contact with the public are ignored.

“Don’t put aside the routine agenda for the public interest,” said Yunus Wonda.

According to him, although most of the budget will be focused on PON preparation, however, there are other sectors which are of public interest that must be given attention.

“The public interest cannot be ignored. However, the community also needs attention,” he said.

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