Maintain the Sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia, the Air Force Forms 2 Combat Squadrons in West Papua

Headquarters of the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) Air Force (AU) formed two combat squadrons in Papua Province. The formation of this combat unit is to maintain the sovereignty of the defense of the airspace of the Eastern region of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

“The new unit to be inaugurated by Air Force Chief Marshal Yuyu Sutisna in 2019 is the 27 Squadron domiciled in Biak Numfor District and Hercules Squadron 9 in Jayapura,” said Commander of the Air Force Operational Command III (Pangkoops) III Air Force Marshal Tamsil Gustari Malik, after the Danlanud Johanes Abraham Dimara Merauke and Danlanud Yohanis Kapiyau Timika in Biak, Monday (1/7/2019).

He explained, the addition of this combat unit was a follow-up of the Air Force Headquarters’s strategic air defense system development program. At present, the process of preparing the infrastructure to support the operation of the two new squadrons in West Papua has entered the completion stage.

“I am optimistic about the readiness of supporting facilities, the completion of the new TNI AU squadron in Papua Province has been finalized so that this year can be formalized,” said Marsda Tamsil.

Touched on the development of the Sukhoi fighter squadron, Marsda Tamsil said, from the Koopsau III region’s air defense strategic plan it had prepared the formation as soon as possible.

“The location of the Koopsau III fighter plane is likely to be prepared in the Kupang Airport area, East Nusa Tenggara. Yes, whether this can be realized is still under technical review,” said the former Biak Commander of the Hanudnas Sector Command (Pangkosek) IV.


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