Achievement of Jokowi-JK’s Governmental Perfomance for 4 Years

When elected as President, the jargon chosen by Joko Widodo is Work, Work, Work !. Now the Working Cabinet under President Joko Widodo’s administration has lasted for four years, on October 20, 2018. Until the four years of his reign, the government’s achievements have been compiled in a large narrative entitled “Building Indonesia, Towards a Advanced Country”, which consists of five pillars, namely (1) Economic Development and Increasing Competitiveness, (2) Welfare Improvement and Affirmative Policy, ( 3) Strengthening Indonesian Sentris, (4) Increasing Political and Security Stability, law enforcement, and Governance, and (5) Promoting Culture and National Achievement.

With a focus on infrastructure development to reduce inequality between regions, the dream of social justice for all Indonesian people is now beginning to appear. the focus on infrastructure is done so as to increase national competitiveness and equitable development outcomes. During the four years of government, 310 kilometers of toll roads have been built, 441 km of railway lines, 5 new airports, 410 new ports, 9,653 SPAM services, and 366,404 irrigation networks. As for infrastructure development, the government’s focus is on economic transformation without having to move people from agriculture to industry. A number of infrastructures have been built by Jokowi with the goal of economic justice. One of the highlights is infrastructure development in Papua. From the data from the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), in the Jokowi era, at least 3,103 kilometers of a total of 3,259 kilometers of Trans Papua road were broken.

Not only infrastructure, the policies of the Jokowi government are very siding with the “Little People” and touching the grassroots level, call it Healthy Indonesia Card, Smart Indonesia Card, Health BPJS, etc. Then the Jokowi government commitment to building starts from the periphery. the amount of village funds disbursed by the Jokowi government, until 2018 Jokowi had poured 180 trillion rupiah into village programs, which were derived in three stages, namely 20 trillion in 2015, 40 trillion in 2016, 40 trillion in 2017 and 60 trillion in 2018 this.

Source:  baliexpress.jawapos

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