December 2018

The Binmas Noken Task Force Teaches Nationalism Insights in West Papua

The police continued to try to attract the sympathy of the Papuan people through the Noken Binmas. This time, the education program called Police Pi Ajar, was the choice. The SD Inpres Bimbalib, Serambakon District, Pegunungan Bintang, Papua were the targets. They teach about insight into Nationalism. But not rigid, they approach children by playing with students. The material provided was about the insight of the archipelago and the introduction

The Price of IDR 100,000 / Liter of Fuel Oil in West Papua is Now A Memory

President Jokowi at the beginning of his administration often regretted the high price of fuel in West Papua. Therefore, Jokowi also launched the program ‘One Price of Fuel Oil’ in Yahukimo, West Papua, October 18, 2016. In Yahukimo, the President examined the one-price fuel oil transport aircraft, the Air Tractor AT-802, which was prepared to support the one-price fuel oil program. BBC Indonesia reported, in the matter of Pertamina, the

Regional Police Chief of Papua: Brimob Headquarters Will Be Built in Jayawijaya to Handle Armed Criminal Group

  The Papua Regional Police in 2019 will build a Brimob headquarters in Wamena City, Jayawijaya Regency, West Papua. The Brimob headquarters will be filled with a special company from Brimob which is tasked with dealing with conflicts, especially with the Armed Criminal Group that occurs in the Central Highlands region of West Papua. This was conveyed by the Papua Regional Police Chief Inspector General Martuani Sormin Siregar during the