Misbakhun: Freeport Divestment Need Not Be Suspected

Member of the House of Representatives Commission X Mukhamad Misbakhun said he would stem the proposal for the use of the inquiry right about an investigation into the acquisition of PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) shares by Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Inalum).

The Golkar Party politician believes that the acquisition process made Inalum dominate the majority of PTFI’s shares through thorough study and did not hit the rules.

According to Misbakhun, President Joko Widodo’s government acted transparently in the acquisition of PTFI shares.

“There is accountability in the government’s decision to assign Inalum to acquire PTFI shares,” Misbakhun said in a written statement on Friday (12/28/2018).

About Inalum facing limited funds to acquire PTFI shares so that it is looking for loans through global bonds, Misbakhun considers it a reasonable business process.

Because, the strategy used by state-owned aluminum smelting companies is common in business.

He said the government’s move to control PTFI’s shares through Inalum was a breakthrough and an unexpected achievement.

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