Misbakhun: Freeport Divestment Need Not Be Suspected

Member of the House of Representatives Commission X Mukhamad Misbakhun said he would stem the proposal for the use of the inquiry right about an investigation into the acquisition of PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) shares by Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Inalum).

The Golkar Party politician believes that the acquisition process made Inalum dominate the majority of PTFI’s shares through thorough study and did not hit the rules.

According to Misbakhun, President Joko Widodo’s government acted transparently in the acquisition of PTFI shares.

“There is accountability in the government’s decision to assign Inalum to acquire PTFI shares,” Misbakhun said in a written statement on Friday (12/28/2018).

About Inalum facing limited funds to acquire PTFI shares so that it is looking for loans through global bonds, Misbakhun considers it a reasonable business process.

Because, the strategy used by state-owned aluminum smelting companies is common in business.

He said the government’s move to control PTFI’s shares through Inalum was a breakthrough and an unexpected achievement.

“So this divestment process does not need to be suspected, it should be proud of it as an achievement. An achievement through a business process that runs very accountable and open so that all Indonesian people know it as an extraordinary achievement, “said a spokesman for the Jokowi-Ma’ruf National Campaign Team.

Proud decision

This former employee at the Directorate General of Taxation stressed that the decision of the administration of President Jokowi to control the majority of PTFI’s shares was a matter of pride.

Because, Indonesia now not only controls the majority of PTFI’s shares, but also controls the mining companies operating in the Jayawijaya Mountains, Papua.

Even if there are suspicions and questions from the people’s representatives about the government’s steps, according to Misbakhun, it is not always necessary to respond with the use of questionnaire rights.

In fact, the legislator from Pasuruan, East Java asserted that at present there are no serious issues related to the divestment of PTFI’s shares which must be revealed with the inquiry right.

“Because the inquiry rights in the DPR are very sacred. But in the Freeport divestment process there were no questions that were too serious. There are no questions that have extraordinary political implications, “he stressed.

Therefore Misbakhun will counter the proposal to use the right of PTFI’s share divestment questionnaire which has now been issued in the DPR.

The people’s representative who was the initiator of the use of the Century Bank bailout scandal rights claim admitted that he had various arguments in support of the government’s decision to assign Inalum to acquire a majority stake in PTFI.

“If there is a inquiry right in the DPR then I will fight it. The inquiry into the right of inquiry was only an attempt to seek political attention. “It is now time to show the public that the divestment brings tremendous benefits in order to attract state revenues from non-tax state revenues,” he said firmly.

Previously, a number of politicians in the opposition had voiced the formation of a questionnaire regarding the government’s move to buy PTFI shares.

Deputy Speaker of the House Fahri Hamzah, for example, considered the special committee needed because of the irregularities in the government’s steps to get Freeport shares. Because, PTFI contracts will run out by themselves in 2021.

The same thing was conveyed by Deputy Speaker of the House Fadli Zon. According to him, the government can get PTFI shares for free if negotiating before the contract expires.

Source: kompas.com

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