Management of Sago in West Papua Need Synergy of Technical Agencies

Development The potential of sago in the West Papua Province, which reaches 5 million hectares, needs synergy and the same perception of various Regional Organizations (OPD) and other technical agencies in the West Papua Province.

The Head of the Office of Food Crops, Horticulture and Plantation, West Papua Province, Jacob S. Fonataba said that the development of the potential of sago in West Papua requires cooperation from various institutions in West Papua.

“If the sago tree in the form of a forest is a tupoksi from the Forestry Service, if the Sago Tree has entered the cultivation stage, then it becomes the tupoksi of my service. “If the sago tree is included in the management stage, it will become the main task force of the Food Crop Service, and to carry out studies, it will become the head of the Forestry Research and Development Agency, Plantation Research and Development Agency,” Fonataba told reporters at the Treasury Office in West Papua Province on Wednesday ( 12/19).

Mentioned about the spirit of the Governor encouraging the development of local commodity agriculture in West Papua, he hoped the potential of sago forests that had been arranged, and how much they were.

“The future management will lead to the level of the industry, where the way to produce sago flour is good, the management in other forms and functions is not only made by Papeda. “The sago tree can be beneficial, both from the leaves, from the branches to the skin of the sago tree,” Fonataba explained.

Based on the budget allocation, he added, his party only carried out programs and activities for structuring sago trees. While the existing sago forest will be reorganized, both the location of the sago forest, how to exploit it in the future.

“Until now we have not concentrated on sago tree cultivation. Because there are still many sago forests in West Papua and will be continued with the management of sago forests, this program has been carried out from 2017, 2018 and in 2019 there is also this activity.

This arrangement area is in South Sorong Regency, Manokwari, South Manokwari, Bintuni Bay, Wondama Bay and Sorong, the potential of sago in West Papua reaches 5 million hectares,” he concluded.


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