West Papuans who Live on Trees

Foto: Rumah pohon Suku Korowai, Papua (iStock)

Let’s get to know one of the tribes who lives in tree houses. Still in Indonesia, this tribe originated in the Papua Province (West Papua).

Collected detikTravel, Saturday (12/15/2018), this is the Korowai Tribe. The exact location of those who live and make houses in the trees is in Mappi Regency.

The existence of the Korowai tribe was only discovered about half a century ago. It was stated that until 1970, this tribe did not know of the existence of anyone other than their own group.

West Papua and its surroundings is undoubtedly the beauty of its natural wealth, and the lives of its tribes are very interesting. The Korowai people live in tree houses as high as 15 to 50 meters.

They have lessons about love for nature. The Korowai tribe inhabits the Kaibar region, Mappi Regency, West Papua.

If you visit the Korowai Tribe tree house, a traveler must go through a forest that is still thick and wild. Maintaining the preservation of nature is the responsibility of the Korowai people because they are very concerned about the nature of West Papua.

Along the way to the Korowai tribe can be found animals such as Papuan urip or parrot, forest insects, forest butterflies and even birds of paradise that roam freely in the forest. Trees large tens of meters, hot sun, and cool air will accompany your trekking.

Getting to know the Korowai tribal tree house is a very unique building. They built houses on trees so they would not be disturbed by wild animal attacks.

The materials used to make the tree house come from swamps and forests around them, such as wood, rattan, roots, and tree branches. These simple materials are put together into a sturdy house.

That made me amazed because the Korowai tribe made a house not using nails, only tied to the roots of rattan. Strangely the house is strong and the stairs are part of the tree trunk or directly from the roots of the rattan.

This house looks beautiful and sticks to trees with a height of 15 to 50 meters. When you are in it you can see a thick green forest.

The Korowai tribe only descends from the house to look for food, such as fruits and meat. Uniquely, they hunt only if they are hungry.

In addition, they also never cut trees carelessly and only cut down if needed as needed. No wonder even though hundreds of years ago the Korowai tribe settled in the forests of West Papua, but the forests are still dense and preserved the flora and fauna.

Source: detik.com

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