President Jokowi Says Attack in Nduga Does Not Surge Development in West Papua

President Joko Widodo stressed that the attack on the Trans Papua road project workers did not discourage the government from carrying out development in West Papua.

This was expressed by President Jokowi in front of 2,000 Muhammadiyah Mu’allimin-Mu’allimat Madrasah stakeholders in Yogyakarta on Thursday (12/06/2018).

“Even though yesterday we knew there was a problem in (West) Papua, that is, building roads and bridges was attacked by armed criminal groups, but that did not dampen us to build (West) Papua,” Jokowi said. The statement was greeted with great applause from the madrasa students.

On that occasion, the head of state also expressed his grief for the incident which killed 20 people. “Until last night, the information that I received, there were 20 people who died. Innalillahi wa inna ilahi rojiun,” Jokowi said.

The President continued, West Papua should be built. At the beginning of serving as president, Jokowi claimed to have found infrastructure conditions that had been left behind for decades in West Papua. One of them is the inter-district road that has not been paved.

He gave an example of the 120 kilometer access from Merauke to Boven Digoel, which at that time only had muddy dirt roads.

“With this condition, the trip takes two to three days because the road is like this. Only 120 kilometers takes two or three days, just arrived. They must have to stay, have to cook on the road, just arrive. infrastructure,” Jokowi continued.

It was reported that armed groups in West Papua on Saturday (1/12/2018) killed 20 people in Nduga Regency. The victims consisted of 19 Trans Papua project workers, precisely the Kali Yigi-Kali Aurak bridge and 1 Military personnel.


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