President Jokowi Asks Trans Papua Workers to Be Accompanied by Security Apparatus

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stressed that the development of the Trans Papua road continues, despite the shooting incident against the project workers. Jokowi asked for the project and the Trans Papua workers were always accompanied by security.

For now, Jokowi said the government prioritized evacuating victims of shooting by the Armed Criminal Group in Nduga District, Papua.

“Yes this is still a process that has not been completed there, we will finish it especially the evacuation as soon as possible. After that development will continue, “Jokowi said when met by reporters at the Mahligai Agung Convention Hall, Bandar Lampung University, Bandar Lampung City, Thursday (12/06/2018).

Jokowi emphasized that wherever the development was carried out in West Papua region, it must always be accompanied by security forces. The goal is to provide security for workers.

“I convey that wherever the development leads it is always accompanied by security forces so that it is truly a guarantee of security for workers who work in the field, in the wilderness, in preparing infrastructure, especially roads in West Papua, will never stop, keep going,” he said.

Jokowi explained, the government’s aim to continue to do development in West Papua is to create a sense of social justice in eastern Indonesia. Jokowi wants all Indonesian people to feel the same development.

“This is to prepare infrastructure in West Papua and the second is also for social justice for all Indonesian people so that infrastructure inequality between Java and West Papua, between the west and east, we can really catch up,” Jokowi explained.

Earlier, National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian said that the number of armed criminal groups of Egianus Kogoya, who was suspected of being the perpetrator of the shooting of workers in Trans Papua, was no more than 50 people. The number of weapons owned by the group is around 20 firearms.

“At the moment we are sending a joint team of Indonesian National Police, led by the Regional Police Chief and the Regional Military Commander to move there. They don’t have much strength, at least 30-50 people with 20 shoots,” Tito said at the State Palace, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (5/12).


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