Become a Silent Witness to Shootings, Bridge Projects in West Papua to Reduce Costs

Photo: Istimewa/Ditjen Bina Marga Ministry of  PUPR

The bridge project in segment 5 of Trans Papua that connects Wamena-Mamugu had to be postponed. The delay was triggered by the shooting of 31 workers by the Armed Criminal Group on the Kali Aurak and Kali Yigi bridge projects which are part of Trans Papua.

Based on a written statement from the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), Tuesday (04/12/2018), the government regretted this incident because the construction of the roads and bridges was to support connectivity and reduce logistics costs.

“The construction of roads and bridges on this section has long been awaited by the local community and is therefore strongly supported by the people of (West) Papua because it is the closest route from the Port of Mamugu with residents in the Central Mountains region. The existence of these roads is vital to reduce logistics costs and reduce the cost in the region Central Mountains, Papua, “said the written statement from the Ministry of Public Works and Public Works.

Within the period of 2016 to 2019, the Ministry of PUPR through the Papua XVIII National Road Implementation Center in the Directorate General of Highways has programmed the construction of 35 bridges on the Wamena-Habema-Mugi-Kenyam-Batas Batu-Mumugu section.

14 bridges were carried out by PT Istaka Karya with a contract value of Rp 184 billion. At present, 11 bridges are under construction and the remaining 3 begin in 2019.

21 bridges were carried out by PT Brantas Abipraya with a contract value of Rp 246.8 billion where the progress of 5 bridges has been completed (Gat III Bridge, Gat II, Arwana, Merek and Wusi).

9 bridges are under implementation, namely, Kotek I River, Wolgilik River, Kali Jun, Kali Labi, Kali Abeak, Kali Simal, Kali Moit, Kali Dumit and Kali Rora. Since the past 4 months the project has been stopped due to serious security victims.

While there are 7 bridges starting in 2019.¬†“Without a bridge, road users must cross the river on this section. Currently the construction of 35 bridges has finished 70%,” said a written statement from the Ministry of PUPR.

Considering the shooting incident, the bridge construction project was suspended and the work will be resumed according to recommendations from the Indonesian Military and Police.

“For this reason, we fully support the efforts and quick steps of the security forces, both the military and police, to find and take firm action against the perpetrators so as to create a conducive atmosphere for staff, contractors and consultants working for and on behalf of the Ministry of PUPR and Ministries / Institutions “To build infrastructure for the realization of social justice and prosperity in West Papua,” explained the Ministry of PUPR.


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