The Occurrence of the Egianus Kogoya Group, the Spreader of Terror in West Papua

Illustration of murder in West Papua.

Armed criminal group led by Egianus Kogoya has a dark history before the shooting incident in Mbuma District, Nduga District, Papua occurred. From the records, this group always launched its actions in the Nduga region.

During this year, at least three attacks have been launched. Here are their actions.

1. Shooting at Kenyam Airport, Nduga

This incident occurred on Monday (25/6) morning. A group of gunmen opened fire on the Twin Otter Trigana Air plane which was being rented by the Indonesian Police Mobile Brigade. The Brimob forces are known to be on duty to secure the local election.

Responding to the attack, a joint Military-Police force fired reply fire. Three civilians were reported killed and two others wounded by gunshots. One of the injured was an airplane pilot, Ahmad Abdillah Kamil.

2. Confinement and Sexual Violence

The Egianus group held dozens of teachers and paramedics in the District of Mapenduma, Nduga, on 3-17 October 2018. The teacher and medical staff worked at the YPGRI 1 Elementary School, 1st Middle School, and Mapenduma Health Center.

Papua Police Public Relations Head Sr. Comr. Ahmad Kamal said the Egianus group’s actions were caused by their suspicion of teachers and medical personnel there as intel who were disguised to monitor their movements.

A total of 16 people were rescued from this incident, although there was one serious wounded and one victim was known to have been raped in turns by the Egianus group.

3. Murder of 31 Trans Papua Workers

The military apparatus identified Egianus as being the mastermind behind the latest murder in Nduga Regency, precisely in the bridge project in Kali Yigi and Kali Aura, Yigi District. A total of 31 employees of PT Istaka Karya were reportedly killed.

“Yes [Egianus] we identified it like that from the same group, we identified it from Mapenduma,” said Chief of Information for XVII / Cenderawasih Kodam Infantry Colonel Muhammad Aidi in Jakarta, Tuesday (4/12).

4. Shooting of Trans Papua Workers Ever Occurred

Before the recent murder of workers in Yigi District, the Egianus group was also suspected of being the mastermind of the attack on Trans Papua workers in Mugi District on December 12, 2017. Attacks from dozens of members of this Armed Criminal Group occurred around SMP Mugi.

Project worker Yovicko Sondakh was killed and Denzipur 10 / KYD member Prada Didimus Abidondifu who was on guard at the project site was seriously injured in the attack.


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