October 2018

Prone to Goods Smuggling on the RI-Papua New Guinea Border

Skouw – Two people were taken into the RI (the Republic of Indonesia) – PNG (Papua New Guinea) Border Security Task Force Post (Satgas Pamtas) from the 501st Kostrad Yonif Para Raider. They were found carrying three ties of raw vanilla as they crossed into Indonesian territory when examined at the Satgas Pamtas post. “Where do you from? Document? No? No document?” Ask the examiner. “No,” answered the two men

Residents of Timika Papua Gather Donations for Earthquake Victims in Palu

Timika City residents, Papua, Indonesia held prayers in various places of worship and collected donations to help the people of Palu and Donggala, Central Sulawesi, which were hit by the earthquake and tsunami. OFM Father Maximilianus Dora as the Saint Stephen Sempan Parish Priest in Timika, Monday (1/10/2018) said that Catholics in his parish specifically prayed for the victims of the earthquake in Palu and Donggala so that their spirits