There is Trans Papua, Pertamina Save More on Distributing the One-Price Fuel Oil

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PT Pertamina (Persero) benefited from infrastructure development carried out by the government in the outermost, foremost, and remote (3T) regions.

Because it can save transportation costs in the implementation of the one-price fuel oil program. The one-price fuel oil Project Coordinator Price of Fuel Marketing Details Pertamina, Zibali Hisbul Masih, said that the construction of road infrastructure in the West Papuan region is not only beneficial for the community but also for Pertamina as the business entity tasked with distributing fuel.

“The government is actively working on the Trans Papua Highway, if Wamena is already connected, it will be very helpful,” Zibali said in Jakarta, Tuesday (10/30/2018).

Zibali said that the existence of a Trans-Papua highway can restore the cost of distributing fuel which is included in the one-price fuel oil program.

Even Pertamina no longer needs to transport fuel by plane, with the opening of the land transportation route. This makes the cost of distribution far more efficient than channeling it through the air.

“Wamena can supply to the four surrounding districts, Mangrango, Tengah, Yalimo, Tolikara. It has been like that it can be done by land now. Directly from Jayawijaya to Tolikara by plane, from Wamena to Tolikara by road. From Obano to Pangiya uses land,” he explained.

Zibali revealed, Pertamina must spend Rp. 40 thousand to Rp. 50 thousand for the cost of distributing fuel per liter, in implementing the one-price fuel oil program by plane. Whereas if the land line only costs Rp. 500 to Rp. 1,000 for each liter of fuel distributed.

“The most extreme use of tractor water (fuel transport aircraft) is Rp. 40-50 thousand per liter for the cost of my distribution, if the land costs are Rp. 500-1000 depending on the conditions of the terrain,” he said.

Pertamina is optimistic to reach the target of the One-Price Fuel Oil Program

Previously, PT Pertamina (Persero) was optimistic that it could reach the target of operating 67 price of one Fuel Oil price channel in the outermost, foremost, and remote (3T) region in 2018.

Project Fuel Coordinator for One Retail Fuel Marketing Price Pertamina, Zibali Hisbul Masih, said that from the target of 67 channeling institutions operating in 2018, there are currently 58 operating institutions that are operating or 87 percent of the target.

“2018 until October 30, we have realized 58 points,” said Zibali, in Jakarta, Tuesday, October 30, 2018.

Zibali said, Pertamina continued to strive to achieve the target of the operation of the one-year fuel oil supplier program. He targets that nine business entities that have not yet operated can serve the community in November 2018.

“We are trying 67 points to be completed sooner in November, so that at the end of the year 100 percent or all points targeted by the government have been realized,” he said.

The nine one-price fuel oil distributor institutions that will operate mostly are in Sumatra, namely Sitolu Ori, Rough Land, Batu Timur Island, South Riau, Sangir Balau Jagung Riau, Sangir Batak Haris Riau, Pulay Many Aceh Singkil, Bolakmi Jayawijaya, Malingau, Yalimo .

“There are nine in total. Hopefully by the end of October, November will be finished,” he said.

The average R & D of Premium and Solar fuel for the period of 2017 was 1,856 Kilo liters (Kl) per month for 54 channeling institutions. While in 2018 if 67 channeling institutions are operating, the average fuel distribution is 5,727 Kl per month.


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