The Reason Jokowi Likes to Visit to the Interior of West Papua

Jokowi, sertifikasi tenaga kerja Konstruksi Indonesia, JIExpo

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) indeed likes to go into the hinterland in almost all regions in Indonesia. Jokowi had flown from Aceh to Wamena in West Papua just to check the infrastructure development in Indonesia.

Jokowi’s story about that said every time he gave a speech on various occasions, such as when meeting 10,000 workers at the Indonesian Construction Workers Certification event, JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Wednesday (31/10).
“I have seen first hand the work at 3,400 in Paniai, Nduga, Papua (West Papua). This is a very heavy work. That’s what I give a thumbs up. I also want to choose, sit in the office, sit in an AC room, it’s nice,” Jokowi said.
“But why do I want to go to the field? Because I want the work done to be done well. Therefore, I really appreciate your contributions,” he continued.

Presiden Jokowi naik motor trail di Trans Papua

Especially workers in the field. Moreover, construction workers who work in isolated areas and islands. Jokowi then gave an example of airport work on Miangas Island.
“There were only 220 families there, but you worked there. Therefore, on this occasion I would like to say thank you to you ladies and gentlemen. Without your mother, this great program will not work,” said Jokowi.
During Jokowi’s 4 years of leadership, the government focused on infrastructure development (dams, reservoirs, airports and ports).
“Then also state and state boundaries and other infrastructure. All of this is intended to improve connectivity, facilitate transportation costs, logistics costs,” he said.


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