Get to Know A Three Tasteful Fruit from West Papua


Maybe some people have heard the fruit from West Papua, called Matoa. The fruit that is currently viral again in social media, now many people are starting to sell merchandise from cute reddish fruit.

But for those who don’t know about this cute fruit, let’s get to know Matoa fruit from West Papua.

Is that MATOA fruit? Matoa in Latin (Pometia pinnata) is the name of a plant that produces fruit with the same name, namely matoa. Recent matoa, its popularity has skyrocketed, and is well-known as a typical fruit of West Papua.

Matoa tree is a plant that is still a family with rambutan, the family Sapindaceae. In West Papua, matoa trees grow and spread in almost every region, including: Seko (Jayapura), Wondoswaar-Weoswar islands, Anjai Kebar, Warmare, Armina-Bintuni, Ransiki, Pami-Nuni (Manokwari); Samabusa-Nabire, and the islands of Yapen (Karyaatmaja and Suripatty).

Matoa grows in groups in certain places in the forest. Naturally, if the matoa is known as a typical plant of West Papua and is a flora of identity and pride of the people of Papua Province.

Some say the taste of matoa is changing, some say the taste of matoa is like rambutan. Some say it feels like durian. The point is that the taste of the matoa is hard to define, it feels “crowded” and that certainly tastes sweet. For those who have felt the aroma and taste of matoa fruit, such as the feeling of rambutan fruit and klengkeng.

In West Papua there are 2 types of matoa, namely Matoa Kelapa and Matoa Papeda. The characteristics that distinguish the two are found in the texture of the fruit, Matoa Kelapa is characterized by chewy fruit flesh like rambutan aceh, fruit diameter 2.2-2.9 cm and seed diameter 1.25-1.40 cm.

While Matoa Papeda is characterized by flesh which is rather soft and sticky with fruit diameters from 1.4 to 2.0 cm. This plant is easy to adapt to hot or cold conditions. For those of you who are curious about this viral fruit taste, don’t forget to taste it.

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