Papua New Guinea Will Buy PLN Electricity Next Month

Papua Nugini Beli Listrik PLN Oktober 2018

Bilateral cooperation between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia continues to be well established. One of them is the continuity of purchasing electricity of 2 megawatts from PT PLN (Persero) in the Papua and West Papua regions (PLNWP2B).

The plan for the signing of the cooperation to purchase electricity will be made in October 2018. The Papua New Guinea government together with PLNWP2B have even held regular meetings several times in the discussion of the draft cooperation.

Communication Analyst Assistant of PLNWP2B, Septian Pujianto, said that to follow up on the purchase of electricity, General Manager of PLNWP2B, Ari Dartomo and a number of technicians visited Port Moresby to see the network to be built.

At present, PLNWP2B has a voltage of 20 KV and while in Papua New Guinea the tension is 22 KV. To equalize the voltage, it will be designed through step-up travers.

“We will increase the voltage to the same as 22 KV. In the initial stages, Papua New Guinea will buy 2 megawatts of electricity. The addition of electricity purchases will continue, one of which will be channeled to Vanimo,” Septian said, Friday, September 14 2018.

The purchase of electricity by the Papua New Guinea government from PLNWP2B, one of them due to the operation of two Holtekamp PLTU engines, each of which has 50 megawatts. While the peak load for Jayapura and its surroundings reached 73 megawatts.

If the purchase of electricity is done well, the electricity distribution network will be built up to Wutung and then Papua New Guinea will connect the distribution to Vanimo, Aitape and possibly reach Wewak.

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