Police Plans to Add Personnel in West Papua to Secure Head Elections

Ahead of the 2019 Pileg and Pilpres, the National Police will send additional personnel to tighten logistical safeguards in the Papua Regional Police jurisdiction, especially Nduga and Paniai. Both regions are predicted to be prone to horizontal conflict.

Head of Police Public Relations Division Inspector General Pol Setyo Wasisto said in a statement in Jakarta on Thursday (9/13/2018) that the addition of Polri personnel to ensure the Election logistics delivery was safe to the destination.

“The aim is to tighten security so that the shooting incident by unknown people (OTK) is not repeated,” Setyo said.

In addition to additional personnel, the National Police Headquarters also sent an intelligence team to detect early separatist movements.

In addition, continued Setyo, the geographical condition of Papua, which is dominated by mountains, is a challenge for logistics delivery. “If shipping in the mountainous region is rather difficult. But we prepared a security team to escort logistics to the end point, “he said.

Later, according to police information, security in Papua was disrupted. On Wednesday (27/6), at around 4:00 p.m., the head of the Torere District, Obaja Froaro, died after being shot by the OTK group.

The shooting occurred when he and nine police officers escorted the delivery of the ballot box. Head of Binops Unit of Bin Jaya Regency of Puncak Jaya Ipda Jesayas H Nusi and members of the Sabhara Unit of Puncak Jaya Regency, Brig. Gen. Sinton Kabarek, were also shot dead.

The fast boat group that wanted to go to Torere district was fired by OTK from the mainland. At that time they were after holding a regional head election at Douw 2 TPS, Mamberamo Raya District, Papua.

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