August 2018

Enjoying the Hidden 'Paradise' at the Biak Munara WampasiFestival

The Biak Munara Wampasi Festival 2018 will reveal a hidden paradise in Biak Numfor, Papua because its area has a natural wealth. One of them is Kali Biru with the unique lake of clear blue water. The lake position is also in the mouth of the cave which has a stalactite. This time is located in Anggraidi Village, Biak Kota District. “The blue color is due to the depth factor. The lake

Different from Vanuatu, New Zealand Admits West Papua to Indonesian Territory

The New Zealand government recognizes West Papua as part of the Republic of Indonesia (RI). While the Vanuatu government continues to put the Indonesian territory in the UN decolonization list next year. Wellington’s attitude was delivered by New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters. The Vanuatu Post newspaper reported that Peters’ statement was made during his recent visit to Indonesia. The Vanuatu government is currently seeking support from regional countries to include West Papua in the

Polish Journalist Sells Ammunition for the Armed Criminal Group Entering the Papua Border

The borders of Papua New Guinea and Papua are located in Skouw, Jayapura City. Immigration Jayapura, Papua Province, said JF, a Polish citizen who was arrested in Wamena, entered Papua through the border line in Skouw, Jayapura City, which is located on the border of Papua and Papua New Guinea. Skouw is known to be one of the immigration checkpoints by submitting terms and destination of arrivals for foreigners who