This is Pertamina’s Efforts to Socialize the High Octan Fuel Use in Jayapura

In order to increase the use of environmentally friendly high-octane fuels in the Moluccas, Papua, PT Pertamina MOR VIII held the Pertamina Energy Blessing program with prizes of Umrah packages, up to Mercedes Benz Cabriolet.

Retail Fuel Marketing Regional Manager, Fanda Chrismianto, said the roadshow programs were carried out at 84,991.06 gas stations in Kotaraja Jayapura, 84.988.03 Nabire gas stations, 83.971.01 Ambon gas stations, 84.984.05 Sorong gas stations, and 84.977.01 gas stations in Ternate simultaneously.

“Every purchase of the first product series, LPG and Lubricants are entitled to get electronic coupons and to complete the blessings that consumers will get, all the lottery taxes will be borne by Pertamina,” he said recently.

Programs carried out in the cities of Jayapura, Ambon, Nabire, Sorong and Ternate will end July 31, 2019.

“In addition to giving appreciation to customers, this program continues to be intensively implemented to increase the use of environmentally friendly high-octane fuels in the Papua Maluku region. It can also increase public awareness to use environmentally friendly fuels,” he said.

So every purchase of non-subsidized fuels such as pertalite, pertamax, pertamax turbo, dexlite, and pertamina dex; customers will get electronic coupons which will be included in the draw.

The draw will be carried out in 3 phases of the period, the first phase of December 2018, the second stage of April 2019, and the third stage of the August 2019 draw.

Meanwhile, Manager of Communication & MOR VIII CSR Unit, Eko Kristiawan said, how to join the Pertamina Energy Blessing lottery program is through the MyPertamin application that can be downloaded via Google Play or the App Store.

“To participate in this program, participants must have the MyPertamina application and have registered. Consumers upload receipts and proof of Pertamina product transactions. Customers can make transactions for Pertamina products to fuel vehicles, lubricants and LPG in all Pertamina gas stations and Bright Stores, “he said.

After making transactions in cash and non-cash, whether using debit cards, credit cards, or with the MyPertamina -Loyalty & Cashless Payment card, consumers will get a purchase receipt that must be uploaded to the MyPertamina application.


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