August 2018

Police Declare Dark Sales of 40 Tons of Fuel in the Sea of West ​​Papua

Illegal sales of fuel oil (BBM) that occurred on the tankers were foiled by the Papua Regional Water Police. Four people were arrested in the transaction. The transaction was carried out in the waters of Jayapura, Papua, Monday, August 27, 2018, at night. Four perpetrators were secured on Karganegara tankers, namely LOK (41), skipper of SPOB Kertanegara, and AR (28), skipper of KM Khairos II; M (26) Senior Officer; and

This is Pertamina's Efforts to Socialize the High Octan Fuel Use in Jayapura

In order to increase the use of environmentally friendly high-octane fuels in the Moluccas, Papua, PT Pertamina MOR VIII held the Pertamina Energy Blessing program with prizes of Umrah packages, up to Mercedes Benz Cabriolet. Retail Fuel Marketing Regional Manager, Fanda Chrismianto, said the roadshow programs were carried out at 84,991.06 gas stations in Kotaraja Jayapura, 84.988.03 Nabire gas stations, 83.971.01 Ambon gas stations, 84.984.05 Sorong gas stations, and 84.977.01

The Tourism Potential of Jayapura Regency Is Very Promising

Jayapura is a regency in the easternmost part of Indonesia and is the gateway to Papua Province. It has a number of advantages that are quite potential and calculated from the tourism, industry, agriculture, and plantation sectors. The population of Jayapura Regency in 2016 was based on reports from BPS Jayapura Regency as many as 123,780 people with a 2015-2016 population growth rate of 1.95 percent. with an area of ​​±