MUI Papua: The Construction of Al-Aqsa Sentani Mosque Appropriate Law

Deliberation of Prominent Figures Forms Problem Solving Team Masjid Al Aqsha Sentani (Photo:

Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Papua Province Ustaz Saiful Islam Payage said Al-Aqsa Sentani Mosque in Jayapura District, has long been built. Construction of the mosque was already in accordance with positive law, customary law and religious law, so it does not need to be disputed.

“I think the problem is clear, we wait for the development,” Ustaz Payage told, Monday (26/3). He said that there will be a meeting between the MUI and the working team. After the meeting, the conclusions will be presented. MUI is awaiting invitation from work team.

The work team to solve the problems of the Church Fellowship in Jayapura District (PGGJ) and the party that built the Aqsa Sentani Mosque in Jayapura District, is currently accommodating aspirations. The work team is accommodating the aspirations of different parties to find a solution and a middle ground.

Chairman of the Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB) of Jayapura District Reverend Hosea Taudufu said today the working team has held meetings and accommodate the aspirations of the PGGJ. Tomorrow the work team will hold a meeting and accommodate the aspirations of MUI Jayapura.

The work team consisted of representatives of FKUB Kabupaten Jayapura, MUI Papua Province, PGGJ, Reverend Albert Yoku as community leaders, and Toni Wanggai as members of the Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP). The working team agreed to solve the problem by way of deliberation.

Previously, PGGJ informed that the construction of Al-Aqsa Sentani Mosque towers was stopped and dismantled. PGGJ requested that the height of the mosque building be lowered so that it is parallel to the height of the existing church buildings in the vicinity. PGGJ reasoned the Al-Aqsa Mosque tower is currently higher than the church building that has stood in Sentani.


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