Ministry of PUPR Reviews to Build Tribal Special Homes in Papua

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The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) will encourage the development of special houses in the region, especially for tribes in Yahukimo District, Papua Province.

Director General of Housing Provision of the Ministry of PUPR, Khalawi Abdul Hamid, explained that the government led by President Joko Widodo is very focused on the development of residential for the people in Papua Province. Equity of both infrastructure and housing development is expected to further promote the economy and welfare level of society in East Indonesia.

“The housing development program in Papua will continue to be encouraged considering there are still many people there who do not yet have a decent house. This is an order from President Joko Widodo to be implemented for equitable development in Papua, “Khalawi said in his publication in Jakarta recently.

In relation to the application for special housing assistance, Khalawi added, the Directorate General of Housing Provision of the PUPR Ministry will conduct a field review related to land readiness. In addition, the readiness of the administrative and technical requirements required for the implementation of the construction of special houses.

The special house is one of the house building programs implemented by the Directorate of Special Housing Directorate of Housing Provision to meet the special needs. For example, for transmigration housing, resettlement of disaster victims, social houses to accommodate the elderly, the poor, orphans, and neglected children. In addition, including for the construction of community homes that are scattered locations such as isolated tribes and homes in the border areas of the country.

There are several conditions that must be met for the construction of this special house that is administrative requirements and technical requirements. Required administrative requirements such as application letter, proposal of general overview, and proposed field conditions. Then, letters of support from the local government, land ownership certificates and land ownership.

While the technical requirements required are land locations in accordance with the spatial plan for the allocation of housing and settlements and not in areas prone to disaster. Minimum proposal amount 50 units or land area of ​​at least one hectare in one stretch. Except where special housing needs are less than 50 units and the availability of infrastructure includes adequate access roads and available drinking water sources and power sources.


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