Cool Way to Prevent Cenderawasih Hunt in Papua


There are people who hunted the cenderawasih in Papua. The reason is, to meet the economic needs of the community. In fact, birds of paradise are protected animals.

In a discussion conducted by WWF in collaboration with Forum Peduli Port Numbay Green (FPPNG) it was revealed that what makes birds of cenderawasih object of hunting is weak law enforcement.

“There is a term of hand-catching or OTT operation, so arrest it if caught in cendrawasih,” said Yulianto, one of the participants in a discussion entitled Save Cenderawasih, in Jayapura last week.

Meanwhile, to, a member of Commission II of the Papua Parliament, Jhon Gobay, said that without any regional regulation, police and BKSDA officials should be able to take action against individuals who still sell birds of paradise.

According Jhon, besides that there should also be control of the clearing of oil palm and also the logging of rampant forest. “Tall trees and dense forest become the place of life of cenderawasih, so it is necessary to note,” said Jhon.

BKSDA Papua is also expected to make a breakthrough for the empowerment of people’s economy in the forest area, where cendrawasih lives. At least, all parties can learn from Alex Waisimon that makes ecotourism in the area where the cenderawasih live.

“This business potential for the community, so there is no longer a reason to hunt for economic needs,” said Jhon.

The weakness of socialization also becomes one of the factors still occurring of illegal hunting of cenderawasih. BKSDA is expected to invite the community to be directly involved in protecting the cenderawasih.

“BKSDA is also expected to provide socialization in safeguarding forests and cendrawasih, not just to take action,” Jhon added.

Jhon said the bird of paradise is a Papuan identity that must be respected, because of its beauty and an inspiration for dances performed by youth groups. One of them is the Cenderawasih Ballad Dance.

Prohibition of Headband from Cendrawasih Feather


The Indigenous Peoples Institute (LMA) Port Numbay asked officials in Papua to stop using headdresses by using birds of paradise.

Chairman of Port Numbay LMA, George Awi, said if there are still officials who use these headdresses, should be questioned again mentally. “The salvage of birds of paradise should start from officials,” he said.

According to Awi, the small community only sells cenderawasih because of the urgent need of economy. The price offered is also quite expensive, so it is very unlikely if the buyers from the middle to lower.

“There is a possibility that buy cenderawasih are officials, regents, heads of service, and members of Parliament,” said Awi.

The role of the media, according to Awi has not been effective in providing information to the public, about saving the cenderawasih because to change the mental need of effective media. “So far, there has been a breakdown of communication, so the role of the media is very important,” he said.


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