Election Dispute Session, KPU is Voted Violating Special Autonomy Papua

The Papua Election Dispute Session continues to roll out in the State Administrative High Court (PT TUN) Makassar Jl AP Pettarani.

Serial number 1 Lukas Enembe-Klemen Tinal as the plaintiff against the Papua Election Commission as the defendant who has passed the pair number 2 John Wempi Wetipo-Abel Melkias Suwae.

In the fourth trial on Wednesday (21/3/2018) night, the plaintiff presented two witnesses, namely Papuan Legislative Council Boy Markus Nawir and a pro-democracy activist Yan Matuan.

Both were asked for their testimonies related to the electoral stages of Papua until the KPU passed the candidate pair number 2 which is considered the original and fake S1 and S2 diploma.

In his statement, Boy assesses the Papua Election Commission has violated the Special Autonomy Law of Papua Region which does not involve the House of Representatives in several stages of Pilkada.

“The Papua Election Commission has violated the Special Autonomy Law of Papua In Indonesia, there are 5 special autonomous regions such as Jakarta, Aceh, Yogyakarta, Papua and West Papua.Only Pilkada 2018, KPU does not involve DPR Papua in several stages from registration to verification , “he said.

Boy who is also a member of the Papua Election Special Committee (Pansus Election) explained that in the Special Autonomy Law, the House of Representatives is involved in the registration until verification. However, the Papua Election Commission continues to hold its own stages of elections until a dispute ends at PT TUN.

“If there is a candidate in the regional election, we have to verify it together with the Papua Election Commission, including the diploma of candidate pair until determined by KPU,” he said.

“Once established, the Papua Election Commission continues to carry out the Pilkada stages, but the Papua Election Commission has been on its own since the beginning of the stage until now disputes like this,” he added.

The second witness, Yan Matuan as the coordinator of Solidarity Concerned for Community Development of Jayawijaya Regency, said that for several years he has often protested the S.Sos title from Silas Papare Stisipol used by Papuan governor candidate John Wempi Wetipo (JWW).

“We protested all this time because he never attended the Stresol Silas Papare and held the S.Sos title, which was revealed after verification of John Wempi Wetipo’s diploma in Kopertis XII and the number of diplomas on his behalf.

A few years later JWW no longer used the S.Sos title, but changed to SH, MH from Cenderawasih University (Uncen) Jayapura. He lists in the KPU with the title SH, MH, “said Matuan.

However, the revelation of Boy denied Chairman of the Legal Team KPU Papua Heru Widodo. According to him, the law on regional autonomy has been revoked based on the decision of the Constitutional Court after a concurrent electoral decision.

“The special autonomy law has been revoked and no longer valid, so the Papua KPU is implementing the initial phase to its own end,” he said.

“We can verify the certificate of John Wempi Wetipo and the Rector of Uncen stated the original,” he said.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Yance Salambauw, said there was indeed a revision of a special autonomy law and only one article was revoked. Not all articles are revoked, so the DPR of Papua should be involved in the registration stage until the verification stage.

“In this dispute, we are suing the Papua Election Commission who did not verify in detail and correct the educational requirement of candidate pair of governor number 2 on behalf of John Wempi Wetipo,” he said.

Yance said the KPU should have verified the diploma certificate of the couple No. 2 in detail. The reason, there have been reports that the diploma used John Wempi Wetipo is genuine but fake. Therefore, the S1 certificate is almost simultaneously issued with a diploma S2.

“S1 started college from 2009 until 2012 and published it diploma.A shortly after, S2 certificate came out in the year 2013 which started college in 2011,” he said.

“It’s supposed to be a master of S2, if you apply for a Bachelor’s degree, not to mention the SI and S2 certificates using the transfer system from Silas Papare’s Stisipol campus, it’s a real diploma, but the fake data transfer is John Wempi Wetipo,” he explained.

Previously been reported, the plaintiff who is a petahana partner is suing the Papua Election Commission who passed the pair number 2 John Wempi Wetipo-Abel Melkias Suwae.

This defense competitor is allegedly using a genuine but fake graduate degree from Cendrawasih University (Uncen) Jayapura.

Before taking legal action in PT TUN Makassar, the Papua Election dispute was handled by Bawaslu Papua. Bawaslu won the Papua Election Commission which passed John Wempi Wetipo as the Papuan Governor Candidate.

Paslon serial number 1 Lukas Enembe-Klemen Tinal (Lukmen) carried Nasdem Party, Democrats, Hanura, PPP, pkb, PKS, Golkar, PKPI. While the serial number 2 John Wempi Watipo-Abel Melkias Suwae (Josua) carried PDI-P and Gerindra.

Source: https://regional.kompas.com/read/2018/03/22/10451631/sidang-sengketa-pilkada-kpu-dinilai-langgar-otonomi-khusus-papua

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