First Time to Papua, Dion Wiyoko Discover the Beauty at Kaimana

Artist Dion Wiyoko (33) tells the story of his first experience to visit Papua.

Not in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Dion finds another Papuan beauty in Kaimana District, which is also in West Papua.

This was said by Dion when met after a press conference of Mini Documentary Open Eye, Open Stories at Plaza Senayan, Central Jakarta, Monday (12/3/2018).

“It’s a coincidence that it’s only the first time to Kaimana, Papua, it’s really good, so far Papua is more inclined to Raja Ampat yes .. There are other good things besides Raja Ampat,” said Dion.

In addition to enjoying the natural beauty, Dion Wiyoko visited Kaimana also to undergo a shooting a walk show.

“If it does indeed Papua natural beauty and local wisdom, yes. Many hell already be shared on social media, may be so destinations besides Raja Ampat,” said movie stars Check Stores Next to this.

” Shooting at Kaimana.That time there was work shooting program traveling, covering the area there and surroundings,” he continued.

Dion Wiyoko explained that it is not easy to get to Kaimana. He must travel air, sea, and land.

“(Travel) It’s hard, we have to move yes, take a small plane, ride a speed boat , continue the trip land ya .. This first experience to Papua, so it’s fun,” he said.


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