Boven Digoel Regent Signed MoU on Development of Solar Electricity

Boven Digoel Regent, Papua, Benediktus Tambonop, S.STP signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ehwa President Director, in the construction of a solar power grid, at Swissbell Hotel Jayapura.

On that occasion the two sides agreed to cooperate between the Company and Boven Digoel Government to immediately build a solar-powered electricity network.

With the cooperation it is first concerned to market its products (solar power), while the second party buy and use the first-party products for the benefit of lighting in the community Boven Digoel.

So, the first party to obtain financial benefits from the marketing of Solar power products, while the second party gets electric lighting to support the smooth development in all sectors in Boven Digoel Regency.

“People benefit from the presence of Solar power for use in household, industrial, and productive industries and others,” said Boven Digoel Regent, Papua Benediktus Tambonop, Friday (2/2/2018).


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