February 2018

Tens of Million to Persuade Doctors To Papua

After the deaths of dozens of children under the age of measles and malnutrition earlier this year, the government ran a plan to attract more health workers to be assigned to Papua. In Asmat District alone, 72 children died. Until the status of Extraordinary Events, measles outbreaks, officially repealed early last February, there are still 12 children treated in Agats Hospital because of measles and malnutrition. According to the Ministry

30 People Killed As a result of the 7.5 SR Earthquake in PNG

More than 30 people are believed to have been killed by a devastating earthquake that rocked deep mountainous terrain in Papua New Guinea on Monday (26/2/2018). AFP reported a magnitude earthquake is 7.5 SR in the 90 km area of ​​Porgera, Enga province, with two aftershocks. Meanwhile, the local newspaper Ost Couries quoted a statement from local government official William Bando, who said there were casualties. The daily reported, as

Joe Natuman, the Former Prime Minister of Vanuatu is Tricky and Otoritary

Joe Natuman is a former Vanuatu Prime Minister from the Vanuaaku Party. One of the party’s programs is to support the separatist movement, Papua Merdeka. During his leadership, Joe Natuman was an authoritarian and cunning leader, using his power to undermine law and political law enforcement agencies in Vanuatu, for his personal and group interests. In 2016, Joe Natuman was reported on conspiracy charges to weaken the courts of law