January 2018

Papuan Youth and the Culture

When viewed on the map, the place is shaped like a bird perched on a tree branch, or a jumping kangaroo, and even like a dinosaur staring at its prey. The human is gigantic, blacks and curly hair, abundant natural wealth, and exotic cultures and customs that are still inherent in every ethnic group like tribes in the interior of Africa. Yes, certainly our mind will drift far into an

Data of 16 Agency 'Fuel One Price' Distributors in Indonesia Inaugurated by President Jokowi

16 institutions distributing fuel program one price that was inaugurated by the President of RI Joko Widodo at Siantan BBM Terminal, Pontianak Utara Subdistrict, Pontianak City, West Kalimantan Province, Friday (29/12/2017). – Five Point on Borneo Island: Sajingan Besar District Sambas Regency West Kalimantan Province, Puring Kencana Sub-district, Kapuas Hulu District, West Kalimantan Province, Tabalar District, Berau Province East Kalimantan, Kelay District, Berau District East Kalimantan Province and Tanjung Palas

24 Shootings Occurred in Papua Throughout 2017

Police of Papua Police predict separatist movement in Papua in 2018 is still happening. The separatist movement of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia is also conducted by separatist groups with armed violence, as well as political struggles by exploiting international institutions and foreign NGOs. The separatist groups in Papua often struggle for independence by raising the issue of human rights abuses committed by the Indonesian government, the implementation of otsus