Wiranto Confirms Jokowi’s Government Aggressively Builds Papua

Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security of Indonesia, Wiranto, asserted Joko Widodo (Jokowi) incentive to do development in Papua. It is done to improve the welfare of its citizens.

So, it is impossible for the government to neglect Papua. Especially with the bitter history of the Dutch and Japanese occupied long enough experienced NKRI make this nation emphasizes how important independence according to the 1945 Constitution.

“Therefore, the philosophical concept of Indonesia says that independence is the right of all nations, all forms of colonialism should be abolished, so it is impossible for Indonesia to oppress the friends in Papua,” Wiranto said in a press release on Tuesday (30/1/2018).

Wiranto in his meeting with President Vanuatu, Tallis Obed Moses, and Prime Minister Tuvalu, Enele Sopoaga, said the Indonesian government is continuing to develop Papua and West Papua in line with other provinces.

“We also invite the leaders to be able to see directly the situation of Papua and West Papua, then by looking directly I think it can change the perceptions built by other parties if we neglect Papua and West Papua,” he said.

Wiranto met President Vanuatu in a series of bilateral meetings with a number of regional leaders of the Pacific region. Today is his first day in the Republic of Nauru and directly addresses the strengthening of the RI-Vanuatu relationship to be continuously improved.

“Before leaving I got a message from the President (Jokowi) to improve the cooperation that has been built, especially in the field of economy and capacity building,” he said.

As a nation that upholds the freedom of the rights of all nations, Indonesia said Wiranto always wanted cooperation for developing countries like Indonesia and Vanuatu to be free from the colonial era of new models. Not suppress each other but need each other.

President Vanuatu appreciated the cooperation program, including in the field of capacity building from Indonesia to Vanuatu. It is expected that the cooperation can be improved and continued.

The bilateral meeting was attended by delegates such as Deputy Governor of Papua M. Lakotani, Deputy for Political Affairs Kemenko Polhukam Andrie Soetarno TU, Deputy of Foreign Policy Kemenko Polhukam Lutfi Rauf, Director General for Asia Pacific and Africa Kemenlu Desra Percaya and Director General of Information and Public Communication Rosita Kominfo Niken Widastuti. And delegates from Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

Source: https://news.okezone.com/read/2018/01/30/337/1852362/wiranto-tegaskan-pemerintahan-jokowi-gencar-membangun-papua


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