Investors of West Papuan Capital Market are Dominated by Students

Head of BEI  Manokwari Representative, Adhevi Sabath Sofani.

Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) Manokwari Representative, noted the growth of the number of investors in the capital market in West Papua increased by 115.92 percent.

Growth of investors from 2016 to early 2018 reached 906. The number is dominated by students.

“Seen from the background of the work, the first in a list of 277 students, 232 private employees, civil servants 89, the rest of teachers, military-police, employers and housewives,” said Adhevi Sabath Sofani, Head of BEI Manokwari Representative. For this year’s investor target, Dhevi said, still focusing on increasing inclusion and public literacy on capital market.

“This year there is no target yet, but we focus on socialization and will intensify activities, such as capital market schools, public education, investment galleries in universities and others, so that people understand about the stock market,” she said.

According to her, the high growth of the number of investors among students, driven by the many socialization and education of the capital market for the students.
So the education about the stock market should be intensified considering the knowledge of public stock in West Papua, still small compared to other regions.

“If we socialize, we should explain in more detail. Most still lay about capital market investment. In addition, this education is also expected so that people can distinguish between legal and illegal investment,” she concluded.


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