December 2017

Eight Sectors are Concerned in the 2018 RAPBD Mamteng Trial

DPRD with Central Mamberamo District Government (Mamteng) moved quickly by holding a 2018 Regional Budget Planning Council (RAPBD). The session discussed the RAPBD 2018 and Non APBD 2017 was opened by the Chairman of the Central Mamberamo DPRD, Berius Kogoya, accompanied by Vice Chairman I, Julianus Tabuni, Vice Chairman II, Otho Pugumis, Regent R. Ham Pagawak, and Vice Regent Yonas Kenelak, took place at Hotel Delima Kota Jayapura, Papua, Wednesday

The Regulation of Alcoholic Drink Control Should be Revised

Head of Satpol PP Merauke, Elyas Refra, urged that the Regional Regulation (Perda) No. 8 of 2014 on alcohol control should be revised soon. Because today many people sell alcoholic beverages (minol) labeled in some places. “In the plan tomorrow we will do the meeting to discuss the local regulation as a solution to control the sale of labeled alcoholic. So people do not go around selling,” Refra told to