Hamadi-Holtekamp Bridge is the Milestone of Development in Papua Land by Government

Jayapura – Vice Chairman of United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) Octovianus Mote expressed his gratitude to the Government who has built Papua well.

This development in Papua proves the Government’s seriousness towards the Papuan people and all this is done for the advancement of Papua in the eyes of the World that the Government of Indonesia never closes Mata Mata Pembangunan Papua.

“The Hamadi-Holtekamp bridge is a very serious Government proof and does not play in building Papua’s land. It was indeed the promise of the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo dicibirkan by political opponents, “said Octovianus Mote

Mote Added that, the Network of Separatist-armed Group was strongly opposed to the massive development of Papua’s land. But what the people say really enjoy the results of the development of President Joko Widodo from TransPapua, Tol Laut, airport, port, Papua land lighting, hospitals and highly viral in the community is the launching of fuel prices in Papua.

“We hope that the KKB will no longer make any resistance to the Government and the Security Apparatus that exist in Papua, because now Development in Papua is so fast and evenly distributed to all the Papuans,” said Mote.

Papua has advanced and so Beautiful seen, with such a significant development and long bridge stretching Hamadi – Holtekamp is proof that the Government really cares and loves Papua, close Vice Chairman ULMWP Octovianus Mote.

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