This is A Number of Indicators that are Prone to Conflict in the Papuan Election

Papua Police Chief, Inspector General (Pol) Boy Rafli Amar

The Papuan regional police say there are a number of potentially conflict-prone elements in the next election in Papua 2018. One of them is the alignment of the election commission (KPU) to the candidate petahana pairs.

“There are 10 potential causes of disruption during the elections to be held in seven districts and provinces by 2018. One of them is if the KPU is on the side of the candidate pair,” said Papua Police Chief Irjen Boy Rafli in Jayapura on Thursday (28/12/2017 ).

Potential sources of other Pilkada conflicts if there is a kinship relationship of certain paslon with armed criminal groups (KKB). In addition, there is still a tradition of tribal warfare in the settlement of conflicts or problems in mountain communities, and some local groups are easily provoked until there is mass mobilization for the interests of the political elite.

“Another potential conflict of election is the influence of community leaders or chiefs in determining the choice,” Boy said.

Boy is also concerned about the elite politics and bureaucratic and geographic intervention in areas that are difficult to reach. He said although there is potential for disruption but the elections of the Governor, but not yet predictable because it is still waiting how many prospective couples to go forward.

“If only one candidate pair, then the prediction of the disturbance is different if the governor elections are followed by two or three pairs,” Boy Rafli explained.

He called the pilkada at the predictably vulnerable district level in Central Mamberamo District, Jayawijaya, Paniai and Mimika Regency.

While the other three districts that will also conduct elections namely Biak Numfor District, Deukti and Puncak Regency.


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