November 2017

Bernad Nurhadi: Our Future Efforts, Nabire Consumption of Local Rice

Bernard Nurhadi explained his work, according to our records, the potential of rice fields in Nabire Regency there are 15 thousand hectares. For paddy rice fields ranging from 8 thousand hectares and rainfed rice fields there are 7 thousand hectares, if the potential is really working on, we make sure the rice production in Nabire is extraordinary. “Assuming we get five tons of dry unhulled harvest per hectare, we estimate

Noam Chomsky Spread Asymmetric War in West Papua

Professor Noam Chomsky and a group of international academics including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Tapol are working to gather strength, including the power of opinion to disrupt one of the strategic areas of NKRI, Papua, especially West Papua. Chomsky et al then formed a group called International Academics for West Papua (IWAP). They are cunningly shaping the opinion that the Indonesian security forces, especially the TNI called them