Jayawijaya Planning to Hold Culinary Exhibition

A number of tribesmen in the Baliem valley demonstrated the show of Inter-Suku War in the Baliem Valley cultural festival in order to welcome the 70th Independence Day of Indonesia held in Kampung Wosiala, Wosilimo Village, Kurulu District, Jayawijaya

Government of Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province, planned a culinary exhibition performances archipelago followed by people from various tribes in Indonesia who live in Jayawijaya regency. The organizers of the event, Nowo Jasmani in Wamena, the capital of Jayawijaya district, said Wednesday that the activity will be conducted before December 10, 2017.

“In addition to the entertainment stage, there will be an exhibition that also involves all the paguyuban with culinary displays of each region,” he said.

In addition to these two activities, there will also be a development exhibition as part of a series commemorating the 61st anniversary of Jayawijaya Regency in 2017. “In completing this anniversary event, we plan to also exhibit Jayawijaya development on December 5th in Autonomous Building Page,” he said. .

He added that until November 22, there have been seven communities who signed up to be involved in the dance and culinary show of the archipelago. At the peak of the anniversary of the 10th of December, the organizers planned a flag ceremony at the Regent’s Office of Jayawijaya’s Office involving various parties, including the community.

“But because December 10 coincides with Sunday, so the ceremony will be held on Monday,” he said.

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